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Welcome to the Oklahoma Pottery Museum sponsored by the Oklahoma Institute for Ceramic Arts, Inc. The Museum is a tribute to the Ceramic Art Industry in and beyond Oklahoma. Please click on a link below for more information.

The Museum

Our Museum is located in the Lobby of the First United Bank in Sapulpa, OK. Open during regular lobby hours.

Frankoma Pottery will naturally be featured because of its availability and interest in displaying the early works of John Frank before and after his establishment of Frankoma Pottery. However, other potteries will also be exhibited, more than merely Oklahoma products. Ceramic Arts from all over America will also have a place in the Oklahoma Pottery Museum.

The Museum will display collectable as well as contemporary works of ceramic arts from local artists.

Our Mission

The purpose of OICA, Inc. is to promote awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage, and the on-going tradition of the making of Pottery and Ceramic Arts through educational programs, public services, collection, preservation, and research. OICA, Inc. will create and operate a Museum to further these purposes and to
promote the integrity of the ceramic arts industry and exhibit fine works of ceramic art by creating a gallery to promote new and existing artists that may not have the opportunity or means to promote themselves.

OICA, Inc. will also operate a small pottery facility for working training and to produce a limited number of items for fundraising projects. OICA, Inc. will be a facility for Collectors and Ceramic artists to network.



It is projected that space will be available for pottery classes for both children and adults. Groups, students, and professionals will be invited to hold their meetings at the facility as soon as space is available. OICA, Inc. will also host annual art festivals for students and professionals to display and sell their works. Forseen, is the inclusion of the Frank Home to be placed under the OICA, Inc. umbrella so that its preservation will be assured. The home could at some time be used to hold meetings of the architectural community, as well as for architecture students and other related activities. The Frank Home was designed by celebrated Oklahoma architect, Bruce Goff and is on the national registry.

Tourism will be promoted on a national scale in order to attract visitors from the entire nation.




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